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Body-Solid Tricep Extension Machine (PLTE)

Body-Solid Plate Load Tricepszgép (PLTE)
  • Body-Solid Plate Load Tricepszgép (PLTE)
  • Body-Solid Plate Load Tricepszgép (PLTE)
299 000 Ft

The Steelflex PLTE Tricep Extension focuses your weight training on extending and building your Triceps muscles

Body-Solid Plate Load
  • Body-Solid Tricep Extension Machine (PLTE)

    This amazing machine offers:

    .     Adjustable press arms to fit all size users, with adjustable start positions
    .     Ergonomic hand grip positions
    .     Converging press arm movement for advanced biomechanics
    .     Independent, unilateral arm action for balanced muscle development
    .     Olympic weight plates not included


    .Mainframe: Heavy Duty, 12 Gauge 2" x 4" (50 x 100 mm) oval tubing
    .Finish: Electrostatic applied powder coated
    .Hand Grips: High density foam grip
    .Bearings: Industrially rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points
    .Upholstery: CGPC 2”high density foam (ergonomic design)
    .Upholstery Colour: Black or Cranberry
    .Machine Weight: 144lbs(66Kg)
    .Dimensions (L×W×H): 160 ×97 × 130cm/ 63” ×38” ×51”
    .Capacity Weight: 500lbs/227Kg
    .Max. User Weight: 120Kg

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