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Body-Solid Selectorised Lat Machine (GLM84S)

Body-Solid Dupla csigás hátgép 95 kg lapsúllyal (GLM84S)
  • Body-Solid Dupla csigás hátgép 95 kg lapsúllyal (GLM84S)
305 900 Ft

Impressively versatile, the GLM84S Lat Machine is a favourite for gym and club use.

  • Body-Solid Selectorised Lat Machine (GLM84S)

    Extraordinary capabilities set this machine apart. For starters, you get a high pulley directly overhead for optimum back and shoulder isolation. The extra long pulldown bar allows you to choose wide, medium or narrow handgrip position for maximum development. No-cable-change design allows you to go immediately and directly to a Long Pull / Seated Row exercise movement to further increase size, strength and endurance of your back muscles. Adjustable hold-down pads stabilize you for lifts beyond your body weight. Unique styling, space efficient design, exceptional performance and versatility make this Lat Machine a standout in any gym, club or institution.

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