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Body-Solid Pro Power Rack + Lat Attach.

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack + Lat Attach.
428 000 Ft

Transform your Body-Solid Power Rack into a multi-workout machine.

  • Body-Solid Pro Power Rack (GPR378) with Lat Attachment (GLA378)

    Pro Power Rack

    • Wide 'walk-in' design
    • 20 adjustment levels
    • 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm vertical support columns
    • 104 cm wide knurled chinning bar
    • Heat tempered Lift-Offs and saber-style safety rods keep your workouts simple, safe, and effective
    • Ideal for home and commercial use
    • Shown with OPTIONAL Plate Load
    • Attachment #GLA378
    • Includes Lat Bar and Straight Bar
    • Add on plate posts
    • lockouts 7,5 cm on center
    • Chin up bar Ø 25 mm
    • Optional 95 kg weight stack (#SP200)


    Weight: 108.64kg
    Height: 208.28cm
    Width: 116.84cm
    Length: 124.46cm

    Lat Attachment (GLA378)
    Transform your Body-Solid Power Rack into a multi-workout machine. This Lat Attachment will help you build a wider, beefier Back and/or stronger and bigger Biceps and Triceps. Features nylon coated, aircraft quality (1000 kg test) cables. The Plate-Load carriage on this Lat Attachment features 2,5 cm diameter weight posts that will accommodate Standard or Olympic Weight Plates. Includes Lat Bar and Low Row Bar. 210 cm height when attached.


    Weight: 35.0kg
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