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Body-Solid power rack GPR-388

Body-Solid power rack GPR-388
192 000 Ft

Produced by BODYSOLID authentic home training machine. Body of American 'solid' is a dedicated in-house brand was developed to realize the training life comfortable at home. Available whole-body training in the pursuit of ease-of-use in space-saving as well as build a robust machine.

  • Body-Solid power rack GPR-388

    A simple form from the exhaustive pursuit of functionality and safety.
    Domestic rack was born. Squat and deadlift of course combined with a bench, available range, such as bench press, shoulder press will spread infinitely. Keep clipping more robust in any sport is safe. 
    Size: 121 (W) x110 (L) x209 (H) cm
    Weight: 88 kg
    Load capacity: 450 kg 

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